Soulful Baker by Julie Jones {book review}

There is a phrase in the baking world "baked with love" and Julie Jones has put love into each and every recipe in her new book. Julie Jones is a trained chef and has worked at in a Michelin-starred kitchen, it is there that she learned how to take flavor to the next level. However, it wasn't there that she learned to love cooking and baking. It was at home with her mom.

When her mom was diagnosed with dementia she started documenting their days in the kitchen together on Instagram, where she received a lot of support and encouragement. 

We hear a lot about the dangers of the internet and how to keep safe while using it. But we forget about the support and love from around the world that can come from social media. I love Julie's story and how she found a way to capture her time with her mother, therefore when asked if I would like to review a copy of her new book, Soulful Baker, I said yes. 

It covers all the baking basics; chapters include: Fruit Tarts & Pies - Cakes, Bakes & Treats - Bread & Yeasted Dough - Chocolate - Desserts - Weekend Breakfast & Brunch. 

I shortened my list of things I must bake as I could have listed every single recipe. So, to make my life simpler I picked one recipe from each chapter that I will be added to my must bake list! 

Starting with - 

  • Strawberry & Cherry Pies
  • Celebration Cake - not just for celebration, I would want this any day of the week! 
  • Trampoline Bread or maybe the Caramel Bread (I can't decide or maybe I won't and just make both!)
  • Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake - if you are a chocolate lover you must check this recipe out! 
  • White Chocoalte Creme Brûlée Tart - I love a good Creme Brûlée, this tart is perfect for me! 
  • Banana, Pecan, & Chocolate Muffins - I already made these, they were amazing!! Check out my next post. 

It's a beautiful book. Even if you never bake anything from it, although I suggest you do as the recipes look amazing, it's worth a read. I own a lot of baking books and sometimes they start to feel all a little similar, but Soulful Baker stands out. It stands out, in my opinion, because of Julie's story. Baking gave her something to help give her positive memories and a way to cope during a difficult time.

We all have difficult times and all need something that helps get us through. Her story is inspirational and full of delicious looking recipes. 

As I said above even if you aren't a baker, get a copy of this book to read, and maybe you will be inspired to try something new it doesn't matter if you are a new or seasoned baker there is something for everyone in this book. 

*I was provided a copy of Soulful Baker by Julie Jones to review by the publisher, Jacqui Small, Retails at £20 and available now from your local book retailers or online! All opinions are my own, I was not given any other compensation nor was I asked to give a positive review, please see my contact/policy page for more information.

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