London Bakery Tour: Thoughts

I've listed a whole bunch of bakeries in London, mostly in the Covent Garden area, but as I'm impatiently waiting to go, my list seems to be getting smaller.

I have to go to Hummingbird Bakery! I have both their books (I prefer Cake Days) and have produced amazing things from them! Both books have a good variety: cupcakes, cakes, pies, bars, and cookies. Luckily there are 4 locations of the hummingbird bakery no excuse not to get to one of them! 

Since buying and reading Baked in America last week I have to go to Outsider Tart. On Saturdays they are at Royal Festival Hall (South Bank Centre) which doesn't look to be too far from Covent Garden! The bakery is not so close, but if I cut out some of the other places not impossible (time wise) to get to. I'm making brownies from the book this weekend I'll be posting to let you know how it's turned out!

So, I'm a little obsessive at times and I've completely been obsessed with Bea's of Bloomsbury. Her book is out next month (September 8th) and it looks amazing (I really want to make the cake on the cover! Yes, I judge books by the the cover. Why do you think publishers make them so pretty?) Naturally I want to go here as well! In fact it's first on my list!!

Then I really want to check out Johnny's Cupcake apparel. I'm seeing his signature black t-shirt,  a cupcake cross-bones, EVERYWHERE!!

The other place I'd like to go is Violet, but it's East London and not sure on traveling time etc... Like the David's of Outsider Tart, she's American. Like me, she's married to a British man. Might have to see if I can squeeze it in. Lily Vanilli has her bakery on the East side as well and also at Harrods.... so many places so little time!!

Love Bakery is another one I wouldn't mind checking out, but again not in the immediate area of London that the majority are located. It just depends a lot on time and how big the group is.

Every where else is just convenient. LOLA's Cupcakes, not to be rude, I'm just not overly fussed really. Primrose Bakery just hasn't grabbed my attention too much and Cox's Cakes and Biscuits had a negative review from a blog I read. Which shouldn't mean I totally dismiss it, but it doesn't endure me when the reviewer commented on how an over-priced cupcake should taste better! Candy Cakes has a location in Windsor, that I might try to visit. One friend said it was amazing another said so/so.

~ A word with whoever is thinking of joining me, if I become too much of a "mom" please let me know. Whenever I go places with a group of people I always feel responsible for everyone. I just like to make sure everyone gets home safely! As we get closer to the time I'm going to have a loose time schedule, that way people can drop in and out as they wish.

I've just been thinking about this for a while and just wanted to write about my thoughts to my blog readers and those who are thinking of joining me on October 8th. My top 3 places are Hummingbird Bakery, Outsider Tart, and Bea's of Bloomsbury! Where would you like to go?

If you think you'd like to go please leave a comment or send me an email at Just would like to get idea of how many people are interested! Might need to get a T-shirt or maybe just a button/badge.


  1. I really really want to go!!!!!! :( Especially since I used to live in Bloomsbury!

  2. Sounds like fun....Is the 8th a weekend?

  3. Yes the 8th of October is a Sat need the hubby to watch the little ones!! :0) I wish you could come with Sarah!! Next year when you're here we'll go!! I sort of want to make it an annual thing and go to different places etc... it'll be fun!!


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