Oreo Truffles

guest post: Berkshire Baker!

2 pkg of oreos
200g cream cheese (Philadelphia)
200g milk chocolate or whatever suits you like white chocolate or even dark!
Makes about 12

Put Oreos in a food blender and make into crumbs, you have to lift and shake the blender otherwise it doesn't really work. I like to leave mine with some chunks but completely up to you!
Then in a bowl mix crumbs with cream cheese using your hands. Put in the fridge to set about 15 minutes. Then roll into balls about 1-1 1/2 inches and place in cake cases.
Finish off by melting the 200g of chocolate and spooning over each one. Return to fridge until ready to eat.
You could add more cream cheese to make it creamier, but would be a bit runny, more like frosting but would still taste great!! I want to try this using Double Stuffed Oreos!!
~ Berkshire Baker
First seen on Bakerella!!


  1. Looks yum...but oh the calories..might have to try making these with lowfat cream cheese. Also, had a question about what size oreo packets(or how many indiv. oreos )you used. Thanks

  2. My friend made these and she's from the UK so I can double check with her but I assume she used about 32 oreos as they come in boxes of 16 I think?
    I had one they were very good!! :0) very rich!


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