Forever Nigella #23 Nostalgia American Pancakes!!

Forever Nigella #21 Christmas was the first FN I participated in and it was a lot of fun! It was great seeing what everyone else decided to make! The big bonus for me was the support and kind words in the comments! I didn't participate in January’s just for lack of time management! So, as I went into February with the FN theme, Nostalgia, firmly in the forefront of my mind. Every time I opened my Nigella books I asked myself “What Would Nigella Do?”

Okay not really, but I was struggling to find something that was nostalgic to me being an American Expat and all. Nothing immediately stood out for me - until today (Strove Tuesday). As I was making pancakes for my girls and a few of their friends, using the trustworthy American Pancake recipe from Domestic Goddess, it occurred to me that they would be perfect for this month’s FN!

Growing up, pancakes and eventually waffles after the waffle maker came to live with us, were usually brunch on most holiday mornings and lazy weekends. It’s funny how a food can bring back memories, faded and fuzzy memories, but memories all the same. So, for my Forever Nigella #23 Nostalgia I give you Nigella’s American Pancakes. 

The recipe is located in How to be a Domestic Goddess. Nigella's American Breakfast Pancakes can also be found on her site! Thank you to Botanical Baker (this month’s host) and Maison Cupcakes for bringing us Forever Nigella #23!

half with maple syrup and the other with Lotus biscuit spread
Oh and I love the fact that pancakes here in England are called “American Pancakes”. Never had to clarify before! ;0] 


  1. Thank you so much for entering these pancakes into the feb forever nigella challenge on my blog. I love the idea of lotus biscuit spread. intrigued. where can i buy it in the uk?

    1. I found it at Waitrose and rumor has it Tesco's carries it, but have not checked?? I love Nigella so was happy to join along!

  2. Thanks for such a lovely post, It is very much informational


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