made just for me {a valentines post}

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Similar to the ones I have about Christmas. See, I love the idea of a day that celebrates love. However I feel some people really miss the point! It’s not about having a boy/girl friend or husband/wife it’s about having people in your life that you love and showing that to them!

In saying that I would love someone to show me how much they love me by making me one of these cakes, torte, or tart (pop tart)! 

Chocolate-Raspberry Bavarian Torte from Heather Baird @Sprinkle Bakes

photo from Sprinkle Bakes used with permission
from Heather Ba
I have been eyeing this torte since Heather’s posted it last August! It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. If someone took the time and effort to make me this I would definitely know that they loved me!!

Chocolate Cherry Pop Tarts from Stella Parks @Brave Tart

photo from Brave Tart with permission from
photographer Stephen "Rosco" Weber
I've been in love with Stella’s blog ever since stumbling upon her Soft Batch Cookies. Being an American ExPat I sometimes have a longing for snacks from my childhood. Unfortunately if I do get my hands on something they are never as good as I remember. Maybe it’s my mature taste buds? Who knows? I do know that if I had these homemade pop tarts made for me I would be that person’s best friend for life!

Trifle Sponge Cake from The Caked Crusader @The Cake Crusader

photo from The Caked Crusader used with permission
from The Caked Crusader herself!
I don’t remember ever having trifle growing up. I do remember one of the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends when Rachel makes a trifle and layers sweet with savory. However to me trifles are a very British thing. A very British thing that I have been more then happy to accept with open arm! Or should I say open mouth? (insert awkward pause) Anyhow, when I saw this post I thought to myself “The Caked Crusader is some sort of evil genius.” Then I was like well, maybe not evil, but definitely a genius. It doesn't take a genius to get to my heart; but someone who makes this Trifle Sponge Cake might have a chance. 

Heaven and Hell Cake (Stephen Pyle’s) from Melissa Gray All Cakes Considered

picture of my book
A cake that promises you heaven and hell must be like the best cake ever! Alternating layers of Angel Food Cake and Devil’s Food cake with peanut butter mousse between each layer. This cake is aptly named! Whoever makes this cake must have a little angel and a little devil on each shoulder!

Cherry Vanilla Tuxedo Cake from Kristan @Confessions of a Cookbook Queen:

I’m not so sure about “cookbook” queen but Kristan is definitely a Queen of delicious, indulgent, and adorable sweet treats! Out of all the amazing desserts Kirstan has posted over the years, this is the one cake I can’t get out of my mind! Such a simple yet elegant cake! I would easily fall in love with someone who gave me this cake!! 

notes: Here's hoping my husband reads my blog! :0) Or any of my friends, local friends that is. I'm sure my sister would make one of these for me, but it would never get through customs, if of course it actually made it through the mail/post! Will probably resort to making them myself one day! All photos are used with permission from stated blog! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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