Rainbow Birthday Puppy Chow!!

also known as dog food, Muddy Buddies, Monkey Munch, People Chow, and Doo-Doo Butter Bites

I grew up with Puppy Chow so it can be hard to explain to the British people that it's not actual dog food, but a tasty delicious treat that is more addicting then crack. I did just type that. No other way to describe the fact that it never lasts more then a few hours and how you always regret it later! Enjoy!!

Rainbow Birthday Puppy Chow

350g chocolate milk or dark
1 cup smooth peanut butter
114g (1 stick/ ½ cup) unsalted butter (optional)
1 box (500g) Shreddies cereal (I used Sainsbury’s brand)
icing sugar about 500g I can’t be specific as I just sprinkle it on until I like what it looks like.
3-4 tubes of Smarties or M n M's or another other brightly colored candy/sweet
Melt chocolate, peanut butter, and butter if using together in a non-stick pan. Keep an eye one it, it won’t take long to melt. Then pour cereal into a large bowl. Pour melted mixture over the cereal and stir with a big spoon until covered. Or shake the bowl around a bit. Then pour in a little icing sugar and stir and shake. Make sure you have a cover for your large bowl or use cling film or foil to cover when shaking. Just add icing sugar until desired constancy. Since this is birthday puppy chow I added in a few tubes of Smarties to make it colorful like I did for the cookie jar!! I did see online some use white chocolate (too sweet for me) and add sprinkles to the icing sugar. The white chocolate would allow the sprinkles to show up better. Good idea, but not for me. 

notes: The first time I made puppy chow in the UK, everyone was very confused by the name!!An easy birthday gift is this rainbow birthday cookie jar I recently gave to my friend for her birthday!


  1. I never thought to use shreddies in place of Chex to make puppy chow!

    1. I always used Crispx and do prefer them as they had more surface area to cover with chocolate peanutbutter goodness! But when in Rome... or something like that! ;0)

  2. I have seen a few puppy chow recipes and really wasn't sure what cereal to use instead of the Chex. Thanks for this recipe, it has my little brain ticking over with ideas for Cakeyboi :)

    1. Puppy Chow is very versatile! Can't wait to see what appears on Cakeyboi!! :0)


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