Parmesan Shortbreads! {hummingbird bakery Home Sweet Home}

These were perfect for wine night with my Mum/Mom friends last Saturday night! They are a bit spicy which one friend wasn't expecting and therefore was not very keen. But overall I think they went down okay. 

I'll have to say too that I wasn't jumping for joy over them. Which is why I took so long to post them. That and since I took pictures of them at night the pictures aren't that good. However my 5 year-old ate the few that were left over with no complaints! 

If you have yourself a copy of the hummingbird bakery's Home Sweet Home you can try these out for yourself. Although I am probably going to stick to the sweet stuff from here on out. 

I haven't baked a lot recently. With so many baking books, I'm not short of recipes. I am short of people to eat what I bake. Have a few quick and easy recipes to try this week. Next week, I'm planning a much needed coffee morning with my mum friends to try some coffee I had sent to me to review. I will probably bake something to go along with the coffee. Then I finally spent the rest of my Lakeland's vouchers on a swiss roll tin, so should probably make a swiss roll! In March I've joined up to my local Clandestine Cake Club. The theme is Bake me a ... Song. My inspirational song is Savage Garden's Cherry Cola. Have so many different ideas of how to execute a cherry-cola cake. I can't wait to share with you what I finally decide.

So, a bit slow at the moment, but planning a few things already for this weekend! If you have the hummingbird bakery's Home Sweet Home, what have you tried so far?? 

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