Introducing Pinkie P

Pretty soon you will be hearing a lot about my birthday and birthday’s in general. I don’t generally get excited about my birthday because it usually turns out to be just another day. However this year is a big one. It’s the big 3-0! Part of me doesn't feel like it’s possible to associate those numbers with me. Then I think about all the things I've done and it makes sense that I’d be turning 30.

I have been hinting to my husband for a while now here and there about how much I’d love a shiny new KitchenAid. And surprise surprise one showed up at the door for me! YAY!!!! It’s in the color I have been coveting too! Raspberry Ice. I think he loves me.

From all the people (bakers) I follow on twitter I realized it’s common practice to name your KitchenAid. I don’t generally name stuff. If you had known me as a child and asked me what my stuffed bears name was I would answer “Bear”. If I had more then one bear they would then be further named by color, size, and/or fluffiness. You should have heard the conversations my husband and I had when it came to naming our kids!

The end to this story is that I asked my eldest Mini-Baker what she thought I should name it and her answer was Pinkie Pie! As I actually adore the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic I agreed that it fit, as Pinkie Pie loves parties and cake. I've shortened it to Pinkie P because I like the way it sounds.

Whenever I say to my friends that I am considering making my birthday party a My Little Pony theme I get very strange looks. Nobody seems to see the fun in it? I might get new friends.... I’m not sure if I will have time to arrange a themed party anyway, because on my actual birthday (May 16th) I will be in London baking with Eric Lanlard on his Baking Mad Spring Course!! Yay!! I can’t wait!! Turning 30 is going to be fun!

notes: Harts of Stur for bargains on kitchen appliances; Eric Lanlard Cookery School; image link can not be found so has been removed (


  1. Wow, those hints paid off! Yay for Pinkie P! I remember how excited I was when I got mine (and now I've been away from it for nearly a year while we're in Vancouver, I miss it immensely!) I absolutely adore your colour! Had it been available when I got mine 5 years ago, I would have picked it for sure!

    1. There were so many colors to choose from! Some were priced higher just for the color! I would miss mine too even though we've been together for such a short time!


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