Rhubarb & Custard Swiss Roll!!

This is my first attempt at a Swiss Roll and it was going smoothly until I transferred it to a plate and the guts spilled out the side…

No worries it’s completely edible! My rhubarb wasn't overly pink so I didn't have a nice swirly color of pink (rhubarb), custard, white (whipped cream) in the middle. It just doesn't make for a very attractive picture or dessert. I sometimes wonder if I am sometimes too laid back. I mean I don’t think I’d ever make it baking anywhere but in the comforts of my own home.

Not that I want to make it. A lot of my close family and friends say I should sell cakes etc… and as long as people were after non-perfect cakes that sometimes look like a five-year-old constructed it I’d be in business! It’s why I am so impressed by patisserie it always looks so perfect.

Yet, I don’t bake to be perfect. I do it for fun and if I were to start stressing about everything being perfect I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I do. Therefore I think I’ll keep it as a hobby for now. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a year or so when I start looking for work again!

Back to the Rhubarb and Custard Swiss Roll, the recipe comes from Rachel Allen’s Cake! and can be found on the Good Food Channel website here! Don't compare the pictures! ;0) Since it’s already available online I don’t feel the need to reproduce it here.

It’s a pretty easy recipe. Make the sponge that takes about 25 minutes including baking time. Then it’s just reducing the rhubarb and making the custard. Assembling, like I said, was going well with the rolling and all that until I transferred it to the serving plate.

Overall everyone enjoyed it! Highly recommend giving it a go!!

notes: Rachel Allen’s Cake! Amazon UK & my review; SwissRoll pan Lakeland’s; Good Food Channel & Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries recipes

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  1. I always say, if it tastes good ... who cares what it looks like! But anyway, it looks fine! Have never attempted a swiss roll since my school cookery lessons (a long time ago). xCathy


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