Baking For the Love of It {book review Crumb by Ruby Tandoh}

Every time I write a book review I always feel it important to say that I don’t buy baking books any more. But that’s just not true; I do still buy baking and cook books.

The truth is I’m just pickier about which ones I buy. My shelves really are straining from the weight.

I hadn't known that Ruby Tandoh from the Great British Bake Off had written a book. When I had wondered into my local Sainsbury’s and saw it on the shelf curiosity got the best of me and I had a look through.

It visually appealed to me and after I read the intro I found myself putting it in my basket. I tend to stalk and contemplate a book with great scrutiny until I finally buy it. It’s like my husband when he’s deciding on some electronic gadget. However with this book it just felt right in my hands.

That probably sounds weird, but it’s true.

Once I sat down with a nice cup of coffee and started to read I was very impressed. It is more then just recipes; it’s a genuine intro to baking. If I were teaching Baking 101 I would have this on top of my list for recommended reading.

It’s informative not only of the how to of baking but of the why. Which is refreshing after the amount of baking books that to no fault of their own can leave a lot to guessing.

The book covers the basics of basic baking with the ability to take what you've learned and experiment on your own. The chapters include: Cake, Bread, Sweet Dough, Biscuits, Puddings & Desserts, Pies & Tarts, Pastries, and Extras.

There are quite a few recipes I wouldn't mind having a go of for instance the Orange & White Chocolate Loaf Cake or her Cornish Splits and I have always wanted to make Monkey Bread! I think I will have a lot of fun experimenting with this book!

There is a wealth of first hand experience in this book and I really enjoyed reading it! 

notes: I bought this book for my collection at Sainsbury's for 9.99 it came with an exclusive Sainsbury's booklet with a handful of extra recipes. All opinions are my own please see my contact/policy page above for more information. Stay tuned for the first recipe I tried from the book! 

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