Fizzy Jellies

Some children will be going back to school today after a long week off, others like mine, still have an inset day.

I feel lucky at the moment to have a part time job that allows a lot of flexibility. Which means more time to play with my girls!

Although to be honest I have become chopped liver as of late. 

Who wants to play with me when they have each other and Monster High, their latest obsession?

Ah well, I do come in handy when it comes to making fun and easy treats. Also when they need anything else for that matter. 

Jelly is one of the things I let them make pretty much on their own, which they love!

Of course they love eating it as much as they love making it! They are so very impatient though and if it's not setting high enough in the fridge there tends to be finger marks in it!

There isn't much you can do with jelly, but layer it or possibly add some fruit or something or mold it in fun molds... okay there is a lot you can do with jelly! 

One of them is making it fizzy. Basically fizzy jelly is just replacing some of the water with 7-Up or any clear carbonated soda. Make sure the 7-Up or lemonade is chilled in the fridge before hand.

Fizzy Jelly

1-2 packages of different flavored jelly
7-Up or lemonade

Start with one flavor and break the jelly block into squares along the indented lines into a measuring jug. Fill with water up to the 150ml or ¼ pint mark. Place in the microwave for 10 seconds and stir until dissolved. If needed place in the microwave again for a further 10 seconds until it’s completely dissolved. Leave it to cool for a minute or two. Tilting the jug slightly (helps to keep the bubbles) pour 7-Up along the side of the jug to the 570ml or 1 pint mark. Then pour into whatever jelly molds you have or glass cups. Leave to set for about 4 hours in the fridge. 

Repeat as we did with a second flavor, you could do three or four different flavors if you had the patience and enough molds/glasses to divide into.

notes: Lemonade in the UK is a fizzy carbonated drink, not like the lemonade in the USA that kids sell at stands. Also "Jelly" is Jello and it comes in cube forms not a powder. I am curious if champagne or prosecco would be a good replacement to make them for adults? Might have to try it out sometime. The idea was inspired by Paddington Bear and his cookery book. 

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  1. I did this with plain gelatin powder and cokeacola :) it was amazing! Don't underestimate how fizzy it is people! It's actually FIZZY!


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