Five on Friday: 5 Things My Mother Taught Me

In the states Mother's Day isn't until May. However this Sunday is Mother's Day here in the UK and with all the Mother's Day cards and ad's telling us how to treat our mother's this Sunday I can't help but think of my mother so far away in the USA!

So, this Five on Friday I am sharing 5 things my mother taught me. Things that have helped shape me into the person I am today.

How to be a good friend: My mom has the biggest heart. She taught me that everyone needs a friend: someone who listens and gives them time. Putting someone else's needs before yours and helping them when they need it - no matter if it's just to listen or help them move house that's what being a good friend is all about!

Acceptance & Tolerance: she taught me to accept everyone for who they not only for the good in them, but also the bad. Because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. People come from all sorts of backgrounds and even though we may not understand doesn't mean we shouldn't be nice to them. A smile is all it takes sometimes.

Choices - making my own: I have never been told I couldn't I do something. When I started looking at colleges I applied and was accepted at Washington University in Seattle. My mom sent my non-refundable deposit as I was going to go. Then when I thought about out of state tuition and how much I'd owe when I got out I changed my mind. When I moved to the UK I know she wasn't over the moon about it, but she never once told me or asked me not to go. She has always let me live my own life. She taught me to make my own decisions because she understands that it's my life.

Nothing is better then a good book: Growing up I saw my mom constantly with a book. Children see, children do. My sisters and I are all big readers. She taught me that reading is a great way to expand your mind without having to go anywhere. 

How to Love unconditionally: No one loves me like my mom does. It's not a love that can be replicated. I know that no matter what choices I make my mom will always be there for me. It's something that I hope to pass along to my girls, I hope they know that no matter what their future choices are I will always back them up.

Happy Mother's Day!!

notes: It's important to let your mom know how important she is every day not just on the day we're told to by the card companies! She may already know, but it's nice to hear it! All images are my own, first seen here on

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  1. What a lovely, touching post this is, filled with love and wisdom. Happy Mother's Day. x


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