The Pastry Challenge June Round-Up! {Breakfast}

Last month I asked for you to share your breakfast pastries with Jen and I for our Pastry Challenge. We started the challenge because we both felt out pastry skills could use some work or improving. Mine definitely did and do! I struggled with my pastry this month it just didn’t turn out how I wanted. I, of course, am my own worst critic and perhaps they were okay. So, even if you’ve tried out a pastry and it didn’t turn out how you expected please still enter it, we’re all in this together! 

Breakfast pastries are the best way to start out the morning! Here are a handful of great recipes to try out at home! 

I don’t know what goes on in Angela’s kitchen, but if she’s making Gin & Tonic Cronuts I want in! These look amazing and must taste amazing too! If you like these she has some more great recipes over on her blog Patisserie Makes Perfect! 

These All-Day Breakfast Bites from Cakeyboi literally could be eaten All-Day! I know I would! If you found yourself having to serve a lot of people breakfast, I think these would be the way to go! So, simple and it has everything you’d want in one bite! 

Quiche for breakfast makes perfect sense, it’s eggs (which we all associate with breakfast) and whatever takes your fancy. Why not start your day right with Bellau Kitchen’s Oven roasted Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Quiche with gluten-free pastry! 

Joanna over at The Keen Cook gave us a pastry recipe and a couple of different ways to use it! I hope one day I find that recipe that just works right every time and it seems like she may have!? Check out her Danish Pastries and find out how she used up her leftover pastry! 

When I think of Croissants, I think of many breakfasts while traveling through Europe. They are great with butter, deli meats, and jam! A simple yet delicious breakfast pastry that should be savoured at every opportunity! 

Bear Claws were my pastry of choice. As I mentioned above they didn’t quite turn out how I expected or wanted, but I posted them anyway. They probably needed to rise more or maybe I over rolled or kneaded. Or perhaps I left it in the fridge too long. Know matter what I did I do need to try making them again. It’s the whole point of this challenge! 

For July Jen’s asking for any Quick Pastry recipes. Ones that you can just throw together and ta-da dinner or breakfast or snack! It’s basically really hot and no one wants to be in the kitchen for long so get your pastry out and quickly make something to share with us! 


  1. I am not a breakfast person....but I may just have been converted!

    1. I struggle having breakfast at breakfast time. I love breakfast food, but not a big eater in the morning! These all could be eaten whenever!


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