Five Ways to Keeping it Cool in a UK Heatwave.

Let’s face it the UK isn’t known for it’s weather, but it’s forever predictable. I know many who would disagree with me. For instance: You wake up look outside and it’s raining, by the time you get the bus it’s blue skies, by the time you get the office it’s sunny, then by lunch it’s raining again and then it’s nothing by grey skies until the sunsets and you get a gorgeous one as big sun rays shoot across the sky. 

This doesn’t scream consistency, however the process is consistent. In England you prepare for every type of weather as you step out of the house! At the moment we are experiencing the yearly heat wave. It comes about this time every year. Since I now live in a country that doesn’t believe in central air here is how I keep cool in a UK Heatwave.

1. Shopping.
Chilled and freezer isles are your friend. Take as long as you need picking out your dinner and stock up on all sorts of cool treats! 

2. Fans. 
If you ever take any advice from me do not wait for the predicted heatwave to go out a buy a fan. You will be shit-out-of-luck. I don’t know who gets all these fans because someone somewhere must have come to the store and bought them. But every year there is a fan shortage. If you are smart you will buy your fan in the middle of winter. You can never have enough fans. 

3. Iced Treats. 
Ice lollies/popsicles or ice cream are your friend during a UK heatwave. Make your own or buy them and eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We used our favourite soda, Cherry 7-UP, for the ice lollies pictured. Just added a few cocktail cherries and you have a great iced treat. Use this theory will work with any of your favorite soda's. Leave them out for a while so it cango flat if you don't want the bubbles.

4. Water. 
Water is not just for drinking! Water gun fights are fun and a great way to stay cool. If you want to be a real dick just put ice in yours to watch everyone freak out when you get them! Water balloons, sprinklers, paddling pools, anything that hoses you down! 

5. Statue. 
If all else fails find a cool place in the shade and sit as still as possible. Your body will eventually adjust to the temperature that’s outside. If you don’t have a shady place outside to chill in, find the darkest and coolest place in the house place a fan directly on you and don’t move. Might sound lazy, but it’s a great time to relax and mediate or read a good book! 

The Teashop on the Corner by Milly Johnson was my sit and do nothing book. 

How do you keep yourself cool when it’s super duper hot? Please leave a comment below, I’m always looking for ways to not be hot. Also just so you know I’m not one of these annoying people who always complains about it being either too hot or too cold. Especially the latter, as I love a good cold day! 

Tips: Do be sure to wear sunscreen and hats and sunglasses! Drink water to keep yourself hydrated and cool!  


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