Happiness in the form of Udi's Gluten Free Food

Udi’s, a gluten-free brand launching here in the UK, has the simple goal of creating the best gluten-free foods on the planet!

From what I've tried I have to say I don’t doubt they will achieve that goal! Considering they have already conquered the USA. 

Their mission is to provide those who suffer with Coeliac diseases, gluten sensitivities, or those who just want to cut down on gluten in their diets for a healthier lifestyle tasty alternatives.

Alternatives that will bring smiles to their faces and happiness in their hearts.

There will be two kinds of reactions to that last sentence; those who understand completely and those who just don’t.

Good food of any kind warms the soul, am I right? And those who suffer from food sensitivities or allergies shouldn't have to miss out.

My friend’s boss is a Coeliac and he can’t have dairy. She asked me as a special surprise for his birthday to make him some cupcakes. I managed to whip some up and gave him “the best cupcakes he has ever had.” It also gave him something he usually had to miss out on, birthday (cup)cake!

What I did for my friend’s boss and what Udi’s is doing for others like him, who have problems with gluten, is the exact same thing. We're giving them a chance to enjoy food! The only difference is they are doing it on universal scale!

I was sent a hamper of the first products they are lunching here in the UK, they are already very successful across the pond in America. After trying out everything they sent I look forward to their success and range widening here in the UK.

My favorite was the Cinnamon Sugar Bagel Chips; they made a perfect morning snack. My two little ones ate up the Toaster Pastries, Chocolate Chip muffin, Toffee muffin, and bagels without noticing they were any different from their normal breakfast/snack foods. I tried all of them as well and was very pleased with them.

Check out this post to see how I used up the Ancient Grain Crisps. Which were both very good, if I do say so myself.

Look for them in a supermarket near you! Or you could always contact them on their website or any of their social media sites. I am sure they will be more then happy to help you locate their amazing products.

notes: I was sent a hamper to review, all opinions are my own, please see my contact/policy page above for more information. I am a complete sucker for good presentation and Udi’s has great presentation! Loved the box it was shipped in!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2017 - Udi's no longer operate here in the UK! 

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