What’s for Dinner? {Udi’s Gluten Free Ancient Grain Crisp(y) Chicken}

Recently I had an opportunity to try out a new range of gluten-free products.

Udi’s is already a well-known brand in the USA and want to make a splash here in the UK with their amazing gluten-free food.

I decided to use their Ancient Grain Crisps, which come in Aged Cheddar and Jalapeno Cheddar flavors, to make Dorito Chicken as it's commonly known.

Basically you can use any chips/crisps that you want as a coating to make your own chicken nuggets.

I used a mixture of both flavors, since they were for the little ones I didn't want them to be too hot with only the Jalapeno Cheddar flavor. They weren't too hot on their own really, but they did have a bite to them.

Both flavors of crisps were tasty and made a great coating on the chicken. Both my girls ate them up and asked for more!

Udi’s Gluten Free Ancient Grain Crisp(y) Chicken:
Serves 2-3

250g chicken fillets
150g (1 cup) Dove’s Farm Plain White Gluten Free flour
2 medium eggs, beaten
100g Ancient Grain Crisps, crushed use one or both of the flavors!
about 200ml oil, to shallow fry

Coat the chicken fillets in the flour before dipping into the beaten eggs, then coat with the crushed crisps. Heat up the oil in a shallow frying pan. Once it’s hot enough, lower the heat and fry the fillets for 3-5 minutes on each side. Depending on how hot your oil is and how big your fillets on will all contribute to how long they take to cook all the way through. I always check the last one I put in, if it’s cooked then the rest will be cooked too. No one wants to eat partially cooked chicken.  

Serve with salad or rice and extra Ancient Grain Crisps of your choice!

notes: I was sent Udi’s products to review. Please see my contact/policy page for more information. Check out the review! For Udi’s full range check out their website!

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