I am not a morning person: my weekend morning routine

As a mother of 2 young girls aged 6 and 4 my days of sleeping in are gone. However, lately they are old enough to take themselves downstairs and play for an hour or so. Which means I get to sleep in until 8. 8:30 if I’m lucky!

It’s around 8 that they come up tummy’s rumbling that they ask me to get out of bed so they can have breakfast.

I am not a morning person. I wish I could tell you I get out of bed fresh as a daisy and cook us a big breakfast.

But then I’d be a liar.

Our breakfast on a weekend morning usually consists of store bought pastries, crumpets, toast, or cereal. Minimal effort for my-not-so-awake-self.

Sometimes once I have woken up I will then cook up a full English brekki as a brunch or by the time I get around to it lunch!

I think timing is the key to a great full English breakfast. If you time it right everything will be hot and cooked all at the same time. It also means you aren’t staggering feeding times!

The other thing I get asked for are pancakes or French toast both pretty easy to make!

Weekends are for relaxing and I never make morning plans so I can enjoy my weekend mornings!  

notes: This post was written for Blog Everyday in May. #BEDM

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