Jeans, T-shirts, and Shoes oh my!

Fashion is something that has always fascinated me, but has seemed like something out of my reach.

Being a family of four clothes for myself is one of the last priorities.

I read a lot of fashion and beauty blogs and envy the ability to just go out a buy a new outfit whenever I’d like and have it stylish.

I try to stay away from trends because if I spend the money on new clothes I need them to be “in” for longer then one season.

That is why I will usually be seen in Gap jeans and a novelty tee.

I am a lover of novelty tees.

My favorite novelty tees come from Johnny’s Cupcakes. It mixes my love of novelty tees and cupcakes!

I also recently came across this Shoe Bakery and I would love every pair, but these Mint Ice Cream Flats are my favorite!

With my birthday on Friday it's probably too late to add them to my wish list! Maybe for Christmas then? 

I have a very low-key beauty routine, I wash my face with soap and apply Clinique’s Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base before lightly dusting a bronzer on. I use Urban Decay eye shadow of various shades depending on my mood or what I’m wearing! Then I use Clinique mascara to finish off my "natural" look!

For now I will continue to ready fashion and beauty blogs and learn as much as I can so that when the day comes I can buy a new wardrobe with years of learned fashion know-how.

notes: This blog post was written for Blog Every Day in May day 13, Fashion, Beauty, Grooming was the topic. It was a little awkward for me to write, but I guess that’s the point of this challenge. It was not sponsored by any of the brands I mentioned above. The picture of the shoes is from the Shoe Bakery website; the other picture is an awkward photo of me wearing an in-store exclusive Johnny Cupcake tee. All opinions and views are my own please see my contact/policy page for any further information. 


  1. When I saw the title of this posting, I thought you were going to say that you were going to start selling custom t-shirts! LOL. I would TOTALLY buy one that said something like "Official citizen of United Cakedom". HAHA

  2. Funny you mention that for about 6 months I have been sketching tshirt designs! I like that official citizen of united Cakedom bit... Might have to steal that! ;0)


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