Two Things I Can't Blog Without

I have been blogging on my Sony Vaio laptop for the last 3 years, but our love affair started 9 years ago. 

He's the way I stayed in touch with family and friends when I  moved over to England and is what has allowed me to have a blog as long as I have. 

He’s a bit slow, but still kicking. He does everything I need him to do.

However, I have wanted to make the jump to Wordpress for a while and I don’t know that he can take the programs I would need to run it smoothly and efficiently.

I am afraid to try because I don’t want to lose him. My laptop that is. 

Yes, I have given my inanimate object a gender and sometimes I even give him feelings. Like when little people are rough with him I tell them to be gentle as to not hurt his feelings. 

I respect the tools I use to blog if I didn't then I wouldn't be able to blog. 

It's a little bit funny I hadn't noticed I had a lot of Sony products. Perhaps they are just good at advertising. Or perhaps the Sony products I use tend to last. They don't cause me problems therefore eliminating the need or want for me to replace them. 

Last month when my phone contract was ending and I was able to upgrade my phone. Every phone I have had since I moved here, was a Sony except the last phone.

Which was a Blackberry, which I despised.

I despised it because the camera was amazing for out door photos, but the minute it was indoors it was horrible. I rely on my phone to take good photos of stuff I might want to blog later! 

I like what I know. So, I went back to what I know and went with a Sony Xperia.

It has an amazing camera and so far, after a month, I have no complaints! I probably don’t use it to it’s full potential as a smart phone, but I’m still learning!

I use my laptop to blog and to update social media sites. I use my phone for photos and updating social media sites. They are the two things I can't blog without! 

Do you use a laptop, desktop, or tablet? What phone do you have? Has your phone made your laptop or desktop obsolete?

notes: this post was written as part of #BEDM day 7; the topic was Gadgets! Sony has not sponsored this post in anyway and I have known people who love Blackberries all opinions in this post are my own based on my experiences. For further information please see my contact/policy page above. 

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