The Sweeter Side of Life: What My Blog is All About

Writing about my blog is like writing about myself. 

I never know what to say?

I bake and I share what I bake! I also try to tie in what’s going on in my life into what I’m baking.

They usually coincide somehow. Sometimes it’s as simple as a birthday cake being made for a birthday or biscuits for a coffee morning or a dessert inspired by a novel I just read.

I also just have a natural want to make stuff, to create. Lately I am afraid I have hit a bit of a rut. I still enjoy baking, but it hasn't been high on my priority list as of late. With out it my blog sort of goes on stand-by.

Which is why I thought I would take part of Blog Every Day in May. I came across Rhiannon’s post ‘What is Your Blog About?’ on her site The SparklingPanda and thought I should take part as away to get blogging again with or with out baking. 

So, I will tie in baking when I can and I will be posting recipes like usual, as well as the blog topics suggested by Elizabeth on her site Rosalilium. (She is the one hosting this blogging challenge.)

It’s not too late to join in with BlogEveryday in May, if you are interested! You don't have to follow the suggested topics if you don't want too! It's just about blogging every day in May

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