Tea for Me

Before I moved to the UK I didn't drink much tea. In fact I didn't drink many hot drinks I preferred iced drinks really.

Even though I do prefer iced teas and coffees, when I come in soaked from another rainy day a cup of tea really does hit the spot.

I have always preferred fruity or herbal teas. Teavivre sent me a variety of to try out!

Here is the list of teas they sent me and a short reaction to each:

Unbridled Love Fruit Tea (Iced) – The fruit used in this tea are apple, roselle, orange peel and grapes. The orange peel is the strongest flavor which was very refreshing and made a great iced tea!

Blueberry Fruit Tea (Iced) – it was blueberry! Probably my favorite tea out of the samples I tried. I tried this one hot and cold and liked it both ways!

Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea – I like a good cup of green tea in the mornings and this one had a very “green” or herbal smell a great tea to wake up too!

Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea – This was a gorgeous smelling tea and had a great taste another one I really enjoyed first thing in the morning!

Strawberry Oolong Tea – This tea had an absolutely amazing smell! However it was my least favorite tea of the selection I had tasted. I wonder if I was expecting it to taste as it smelt and it was just not as strong as the smell.

Superfine Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong Tea – it was a very smooth and mild flavored tea, which was great as an afternoon tea. 

All of them had amazing flavors and were really refreshing! I of course had my favorites, but everyone has their own tastes so I would suggest trying these or different ones!

All these teas and many more can be found on the Teavivre website! There is also a lot more in depth information on the website. Each tea description is very well detailed and gives you the best temperature for brewing each tea. Which I thought was great! 

notes: These tea samples were provided for an honest opinion. For more information please visit my contact/policy page. Photos: the tea in the cup is the Strawberry Oolong Tea, but the tea on the table is the Jasmine Pearls. 


  1. I got all excited about the strawberry oolong. Mind you, the smell is usually all I get before it goes cold thank to small child and hubby. Lol!


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