Top 10 Things I Learned at Food Blogger Connect 2014 #FBC14

It was a whirlwind weekend full of new friends, food, and lots of information. Lots and lots of information!

There is just so much to write that I am not even going to attempt to write it all. So, instead I am going to share the top 10 things I learned at Food Blogger Connect.

Some of it is what I already knew, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that I’m heading in the right direction!

Top 10 things I learned at #FBC14 (in no particular order): 

  1. Opportunity: Sometimes it finds you and sometimes you have to find it.
  2. Find your niche. What makes you and your blog different?
  3. Have a good idea. Research it. Plan it out. Just do it. A good idea will stay a good idea if you don’t do something about it.
  4. Social media is important. Find the ones that really work for you and use them to their fullest ability!
  5. I wish I had looked into being a travel/food blogger! I am definitely interested in seeing sites and experiencing food all over the world. (Maybe one day when the girls are bigger.)
  6. All brands sell luxury, status, comfort, and so on so what are you trying to “sell”? What you make people feel is just as important as what you make.
  7. Remember you can say no. If you aren't comfortable or something doesn't fit with your blog you don’t have to say yes. If in doubt ask questions. Brands are learning how to handle the whole blogger thing so you won’t know unless you ask!
  8. Don’t take too many photos. You only really need a handful of photos to relay your story. I know I do struggle with having too much choice, so this was a handy tip for me.
  9. If your dream is to publish a cookbook consider an e-book, look at Holly Bell from the Great British Bake Off. She has a mini e-book and her new book is out next month!
  10. Food Bloggers and Foodie People are awesome!

So, there was all that learning stuff and then there was the food! We had a lot of variety and it was a lot of fun trying all of it! Each day gave us different choices and I made sure to try each choice. 

I especially enjoyed Tequila Patron everyday, all day! If I wasn't drinking that I had a Good Beans cold brew coffee or a Sweetbird's lemonade! There was some delicious street food too! I didn't take pictures of all of it, but I did get quite a few! 

I have a few products I brought back from the weekend and am in the process of brainstorming ways of using them in my baking! Hopefully they will be posted in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned! 

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