Key Lime Truffles

It is a known fact that I bake less in the summer. 

If I happen upon a cooler day I tend to bake a lot, as a way to make up for the days that it’s just way too hot to bake.

Therefore I tend to rely on easy no-bakes for the warmer days/months. 

For example these truffles.

I have made Oreo truffles more then once and am always on the look out for different sandwich cookies/biscuits to try out.

Stuart from Cakeyboi has made truffles using Jaffa Cakes so there are plenty of possibilities out there! 

I tend to keep to the sandwich cookies/biscuits only because I like the way the crunchy cookie almost melts into the cream cheese. Recently Fox’s released a Taste’s of America range and it included Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams. 

I thought they would make a great truffle! 

And they do. That’s a fact.

I wasn't sure if the lime flavor would be strong enough, but it was perfect. It’s sad because these biscuits are probably not going to be around long, as they are a limited edition. 

So, if you are interested in these you should make them soon. If you do please let me know! Here is how I made them…

Key Lime Pie Truffles

168g Fox’s Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams
100-150g full fat cream cheese
a couple handfuls of candy melts (color of your choice)

Crush the cookies/biscuits; make sure there are no big bits. Mix in 100grams cream cheese if you feel it needs a bit more add it in. I like mine a bit creamier, but you should be able to make them without the extra 50grams just depends on your taste. Roll about a tablespoon of the mixture into a ball and place on greaseproof paper on a plate that fits in your freezer. Place in the freezer over night or for a few hours until hardened.

When they have been in the freezer long enough melt the candy melts according to the instructions. Take them out of the freezer stab with a fork and gently rock back and forth in the melted candy melts, pull out carefully and sprinkle with sprinkles before smoothly taking it off the fork and placing in a fairy cake case.

Candy melts harden fast, so be sure to sprinkle right away. Leave at room temperature before eating as they will be really cold after being in the freezer and they just aren’t that nice cold.

notes: Check out my Oreo Truffles! Fox’s Biscuits do not sponsor this post. There is not a picture of the inside, because it is pretty boring and not as pretty as the inside of Oreo truffles. 

image from Fox's Biscuits


  1. I have some of these biscuits in my cupboard and have been saving them for a special bake - this could be it!! I adore key lime! These sound delish, thanks for sharing!

    1. You should they were delicious!! I also think they would make a great pie crust!


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