Relative Values at Harold Pinter Theatre & Viet Café

The Harold Pinter Theatre has seen it’s fair share of big names since it opened in October of 1881, under the name of “Royal Comedy Theatre.”

Since no official warrant had been issued the “royal” was removed and was titled the “Comedy Theatre” until as recent as 2011 when it was renamed “The Harold Pinter Theatre.” After Harold Pinter a distinguished playwright, screenwriter, director, political activist, and actor.

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to visit the theatre to see Noel Coward’s comedy Relative Values. 

My mother-in-law and her husband were supposed to attend, but do to unforeseen circumstances she found herself unable to attend. I got to take her place.

I am sorry she was unable to attend, but I was glad I got to go!

Noel Coward is a well-known writer, actor, director, film producer, painter, songwriter, cabaret artist – I don’t know if there was anything he didn’t do. His close friends called him ‘the Master’ so that says a lot!

He wrote Relative Values post World War II and it reflects the social atmosphere at the time. Our fascination with aristocracy and class is why this play is still a success today. I didn’t actually know anything about the play going in, but I soon found myself laughing out loud. Having grown up in America some British culture references were beyond me, but the over all comedy was brilliant.

As I mentioned above the theatre has seen a lot of big names and Relative Values was no different with Patricia Hodge, Caroline Quentin, and Rory Bremner! The whole cast was amazing! I loved the old world of England clashing with the Hollywood lifestyle of the US. 

I had a really nice time. Unfortunately upon writing this play is no longer showing. If you are looking for another Noel Coward play the English Touring Theatre (ETT) are performing “Tonight at 8:30” until the end of July see if it’s near you! Or if you are looking to visit the Harold Pinter Theatre they will be showing The Importance of being Earnest from the 27th of June. That's today! 

After the play my father-in-law were hungry and after something to eat. There are plenty of places to go, but we wanted something we've never really tried before.

Right around the corner (quite literally) we stopped out side a Vietnamese place called Viet Café and decided to go in. Having never tried Vietnamese food before I wasn't sure where to start, but we had decided to order a variety of things and share!

Nem Ga Tom (fried pancakes with chicken and prawns) - these were super yummy and probably my favorite out of all the dishes.

Goi Tom (summer rolls) since we were ordering a lot of sea food and chicken I thought we should try some tofu, it was okay, the crushed peanut sweet soy bean sauce is what made these!

Pho Xao Hai San (fried rice noodles) This was my choice as well and I thought it was very tasty. It was a bit of a small portion, but since we weren't starving it was perfect for us to share.
Tom Yam (soup) this was a nice subtle spicy soup that was refreshing and delicious! 

Overall the food was good and the play was entertaining, I couldn't have asked for a better day out! If you like this post and you'd like to see more of days out in and around England please leave a comment below! 

Harold Pinter Theatre: Panton St, London SW1Y 4DN
Viet Café: 23 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4DG
English Traveling Theatre
Noel Coward

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